Know Your Basics From School To Prepare for Government Exams

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Our roots and basics play an essential role in learning the new portions of the world. Similarly, this thought is applicable for participating in the government exams too. Many of the government exams require students to know the basics, from general knowledge to economics; it covers everything.

While meeting the personnel of government jobs, most of them would mention how it is vital to get familiar with the basics. This earlier experience allows you to understand how you can approach the traditional methods to bring change in your preparation for government exams.

Before regretting what you could’ve paid attention to or what you could’ve learned already, get familiar with your school textbooks and try out these basic methods for preparation!

Gather enough details on general knowledge and current issues

Do you remember when school teachers used to ask us to read newspapers and keep a tab on current issues? Yes, it was the most challenging task for us. But who knew, it would be beneficial for us to study for government exams.

The significant portion of government exams covers general knowledge and current issues. It is essential to be aware of what is happening in our surroundings, the country, and the entire world. This information reflects that a candidate remains updated about the whereabouts. For students who used to refer to newspapers and current issues in their school time, it is easy to get back on track.

One way or another, these habits will help you in the long run. Before going through the entire syllabus, make sure you refer to those school textbooks to understand everything more easily.

Keep track of the formulas required for different questions

Whenever a question requires you to use different formulas, it brings back the memories of deliberately learning all the mathematical and physics formulas back in school. In government exams, mostly maths and physics cover the portion of equations and derivations. These calculations can either support our answer or change the entire meaning. 

While preparing for different exams, make sure you divide these formulas into different segments depending upon their use, situation, and other parameters. The correct usage of these formulas will help you deliver the answer better and, eventually, help you to score well in theSarkari results. Moreover, if you’re aiming for a technical role in government jobs, you must know the basics of these calculations and formulas.

Get a grip on Mathematics and English

It might seem like a preferred inclination, but most of the government exams depend on better English and Mathematics. Undoubtedly, social issues, general knowledge, science, and other subjects are necessary, but these subjects seem to be more critical.

In school, many students used to dislike Mathematics, and it somehow resulted in low scores in exams. Well, you can’t risk the same while preparing for government exams. To get a grip on mathematics, you need to develop a proper mindset and practice hard to solve questions. Even if it seems hard at some point, don’t lose hope and keep trying. It would be easier to refer to a school textbook for maths and reread the more natural methods to solve some exercises.

Also, when it comes to English, things become a little smoother. There is no doubt that English was the favorite subject of most of the students and a hell lot easier than any other subject. But don’t take it lightly! English is the fundamental basis of any competitive or government exams. Besides, English is exactly like a huge umbrella, which features things like synonyms, antonyms, verbs, and much more. Get a grip on this language, and you’ll definitely excel in any private or government job.

Prepare detailed notes 

To keep track of your previous and latest learnings, you need to prepare a detailed set of notes for every topic. Yes, exactly like we made our school notebooks for different subjects. You might think it is old-school, but there’s no denying that these traditional methods work efficiently.

Try to update these notes day-by-day according to your daily practice. It would help you to examine your daily progress and help you plan the remaining study accordingly. Also, if detailed notes aren’t helpful, then you can try writing the notes in a precise format and study it regularly. After trying these methods, don’t forget to go through it profoundly for revision before the examination. All these preparations play a significant role in determining our results in competitive exams. 

Set School-Type Schedule

We all know that passing competitive and government exams are no joke. If you are aiming for better scores and achievements, then you must plan out your entire schedule. During our school time, we used to stay almost 6-8 hours in school and study seriously. Well, you need to bring back this schedule and apply it in your daily routines.

To prepare for government jobs and exams, you need to practice discipline and a proper schedule. Gone are the days when you used to laze around at home. You need to understand the severity of the situation and determine your mindset to prepare for exams. Plan your entire day with breaks, study hours, physical training, hobbies, and other essential things. If you effectively work for your personality development, the schedule and routine will eventually get back on track.


This article lined out what you need to bring back from your schedule and learning again at schools. These basics might help prepare students for government exams or help the school-going students prepare for upcoming competitive exams. Try out these methods and give your best for your exams!



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