deepak parekh

Deepak Parekh : 20% real estate market will be affected post Covid-19

Although Coronavirus or Covid-19 originated in China in 2019, it didn't dwell on that specific nation. Instead, this contagious disease has spread throughout the world...
zoom security breach

Has Zoom Compromised the User Data Again? Here is All You Need to Know

With burgeoning security breaches all around the world, the compromising of user data by Zoom, which is a  Video conferencing app does not come as...
work from home

Is work from home needs 24 hr availability in Indian Work Culture?

almost all the companies have decided to follow the practice of work from home because the government has strictly advised implementing this for limiting the spread of COVID-19

POS credit or how to immediately purchase goods on credit?

There is a lot of information about POS loans on Internet sites, but not all citizens understand what they mean in reality. Adding...
PSB amalgamation

PSB Amalgamation: Will it Change the Face of Indian Banking System?

Amidst the massive breakout of Covid-19 throughout the world, an announcement to revive the Indian economy is the amalgamation of a number...
Suresh Nanda

How ‘Jade’ is taking over the capital’s palate, we ask Claridges Chairman Suresh Nanda

Claridges Chairman Suresh Nanda explains how Jade attracts a swarm of customers every day with its mouth-watering Chinese dishes and welcoming staff
modi builders

Buyers monitoring numerous housing projects amidst Covid-19 lockdown

Lockdown across India cities is impacting nation’s real estate sector, however some of the  top builders in Hyderabad have found that home hunt is...
buying villa in amritsar

Top 3 Factors to Look Out for While Buying Property in Amritsar

The city of the majestic Golden Temple, Amritsar is a beautiful destination to spend a great weekend getaway. Quite interestingly, the city houses a...

Swiggy unveils “BrandWorks” To Co-Create Delivery Brands

  Brand Works -The initiative will facilitate the restaurant partners of Swiggy to co-create delivery brands. Swiggy, India’s largest and most valuable online food ordering and...

Towards $5 trillion economy: Can boosting Indian steel sector with investments enhance growth rate?

A challenging but a feasible vision of the government to make India a $5 trillion economy and a global economic powerhouse by 2024-25 needs...