What Cause Air Pollution? Why People Needs To Think Before Going Outside

    air pollution
    causes of air pollution

    Causes of Air Pollution

    Pollution has become a common word with the hazards of air-pollution being flashed in news every day. The amount of health effect which air-pollution produces on our body is directly proportional to exposure quantity as well as the time. Even though the measures done for controlling the pollution are immense, still need for awareness is the call of the time. Although there are many Local Factors which are Responsible for producing air pollution, these pollutants sometimes can travel kilometres which can scale up to region, countries and even continents. This is hugely dependent on the flow of air and weather conditions.

    What is air pollution?

    Air pollution is known as a condition when the substances within the air like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, colloidal particles, sulphur hydrocarbons, and lead increases beyond the maximum safe permissible limit. Beyond this, it’s known to cause health hazards. Like Delhi air pollution is causing right now.

    Air Pollution is many cosmopolitan cities have become a major concern.

     Air pollution causes

    The main cause of air pollution is human source. Activities and resurrection of these activities are mainly responsible for air pollution.

    There is five main human cause which is responsible for air pollution, these may include agricultural activities, household, industries, transport or automobile, and waste products. In this article we will look out in each and every cause in detail.

    1. Agriculture

    Burning of crop is one of the major concerns related to air pollution. Other reasons for air pollution in agricultural concern include livestock and rice paddies. These are known to produce harmful gases like sulfur ammonia which can cause serious health hazards. Burning of crop can also produce harmful gas like methane. Methane, In turn, is also responsible for the production of another harmful product which is ground-level ozone. This causes many respiratory illnesses including asthma. More than 24 percent of greenhouse gases are produced as a result of agricultural activities. On the other the health hazard and environmental issues of methane are hundred times prominent than carbon dioxide. Overpopulation has pushed people for over crop production and rapid crop burning increasing the pollution in agricultural-based countries like India.

    1. Automobiles or transport

    Automobile emission is a serious concern when it comes to not only air pollution but energy consumption. It is estimated that more than quarter amount of population with respect to carbon dioxide emission is linked to automobile sources. Lead is also another harmful chemical that is present in the engine oil and reaches air through the process of combustion within the engine. Deal with compassion to petrol is known to have more harmful components that deeply impact the ecosystem. Lack of traffic management and lesser strict rules are main reasons for vehicles emitting higher pollutants still running on roads.

    1. Industries

    Industries also during their process of product manufacturing and processing produces air pollutant. They can be direct like in a coal mine or indirect like in any mill using machinery which in turn then produces pollutants.  The whole industrial process, machinery, chemical, and procedure are responsible for air pollution.

    1. Household

    This is one of the major causes of air pollution and sad thing is people are unaware of this factor. Cooking, heating or burning fuel for household purposes contributes majorly to air pollution. Burning biomass produces various obnoxious gas.

    1. Waste

    It is believed that more than 70 percent of the waste material is burnt open. The problem is so evident in many areas of Delhi also. Burning releases so many gases like methane, sulphur, carbon monoxide, etc.

    How To Reduce Pollution?

    Air pollution in Delhi is the result of unregulated exposure and practices can be dealt with certain changes like using more renewable energy sources, preferring more public transport, using more efficient and environment-friendly methods of energy sources like CNG.  Other measure might focus on promoting awareness so that people stop burning waste in open. The condition currently in Delhi has deteriorated to such extent that people would not prefer to walk outside, they have stopped their morning and evening walks. Even schools have been shut down. In such scenario only changing behaviour of population can only bring down a better solution.



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