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Apollo Hospital Family Tree

Starting with a single hospital in Chennai in 1989, Apollo has expanded into a vast array of healthcare services. It now has 74 hospitals, more than 3,800 pharmacy stores, and 200 primary healthcare centers all over India. Additionally, there is Apollo Health & Lifestyle Limited (AHLL), which is involved in diagnostics and multi-specialty clinics, among other things. About forty years ago, Apollo Hospital CEO Prathap C. Reddy had reliable hands to rely on as he embarked on the difficult journey to turn healthcare, a basic need, into a thriving company. Apollo hospital owner family tree consisting of his four strong and accomplished daughters, who overcame many obstacles, including securing funding, managing the organization, and maintaining momentum in the face of intense competition.

Dr. Prathap Reddy, the Apollo Hospital CEO, an Indian medical connoisseur, needed assistance with marketing, project management, and fundraising as he was constructing India’s first corporate hospital in the 1980s. Not only that, but he also kept his four daughters occupied by hiring experts for different tasks. Making brochures, supervising construction sites, or chatting with doctors were all ways they could pitch in. Functions and positions were not defined. With time, Preetha takes over day-to-day operations at the organization. Managing director Suneeta, the second daughter, is also responsible for the company’s finances. Clinics, education and telemedicine are Sangita’s domain, whereas insurance and pharmacies are Shobana Kamineni’s. Let us go through the legacy and Apollo hospital owner family tree, lovingly known as Apollo reddy sisters.

Preetha Reddy Executive Vice-chairperson Apollo Hospital

Preetha has been widely recognised for her outstanding achievements to expanding access to high-quality healthcare for millions of people and for her unwavering support to numerous organisations and trade groups that are striving for the best in Apollo, one of the leading hospitals in India.

Preetha Reddy’s Achievements

  • Spearheading the first-ever JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation in India, the world’s preeminent mark of healthcare excellence. I set out to do this because I was certain that an Indian hospital possessed the innate capacity to be granted JCI accreditation. The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is the current benchmark for hospitals to be empanelled under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB-PMJAY) programme; it was established a few years after Apollo Indraprastha’s 2006 accreditation by Joint Commission International (JCI).
  • The Apollo Paediatric Hospital in Chennai was Preetha’s first independent venture which she took to new heights.
  • Seven time winner MPW hall of fame
  • Despite intense competition from companies all around the world, Preetha was able to secure the contract for a hospital project in Malaysia.
  • Among Dr. Preetha’s many charitable endeavours are the Total Health Foundation and SACHi (Save a Child’s Health Initiative).
  • In the aftermath of several natural disasters and tragedies that have struck the nation, she has ensured that those in need receive timely medical aid for relief and rehabilitation.

Sangita Reddy – Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospital

A healthcare technocrat, humanitarian, social entrepreneur and worldwide influencer, Dr. Sangita Reddy is well-known in her field.

Sangita Reddy’s Achievements

  • As of now, she is serving as Chair of G20 Empower, a significant Indian project with the overarching goal of promoting global empowerment and sustainable development. G20 Empower is a key player in tackling important issues including healthcare accessibility, economic inequities and gender inequality among G20 member nations.
  • The Honorary Doctorate was bestowed upon her by Macquarie University, Australia, in acknowledgment of her tireless pursuit of healthcare reform, advancement of health information technology and support for numerous causes in India and around the world. She was chosen by the Government of India to serve as the Honorary Consul of Brazil in Hyderabad.
  • One of Dr. Sangita Reddy’s affiliations is with the WEF. She assumed the role of president of the FICCI, an industry chamber for the 2019–2020 term in December 2019.
  • An appointment to the Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, has been made by the Government of India to Dr. Sangita Reddy. She has been on the boards of GAVI.Org and the Development Institute, USA, and is now an executive member of NASSCOM. For the twelfth five-year plan (2012–2017), she served as an elected member of the health steering committee appointed by the planning commission of the Indian government.
  • At the daunting height of 4,300 metres, the first telemedicine centre in the world was founded under her leadership by Apollo Telehealth.
  • Currently serving as chair of Apollo Knowledge, an educational programme with a future-oriented focus on healthcare people capital.
  • Apollo Philanthropy, which includes the ‘Save a Child’s Heart Initiative,’ SAHI, CURE, and the Billion Hearts Beating Foundation, is headed by Dr. Sangita Reddy.
  • Many distinguished honours for business and leadership been gone to Dr. Sangita Reddy. She received the esteemed Women in Excellence Healthcare Award in 2022 from FICCI TheGreater50 Initiative. The esteemed Indian Medical Association honoured her earlier this year with the “Best Female Healthcare Leader” Mediko award.
  • As part of their 2019 International Women Entrepreneurship Celebration, the IWEC Foundation presented Dr. Sangita Reddy with an award. At India’s Biggest Event on Innovation in Healthcare – “Healthcare in today’s Digital India,” she was honoured with the renowned Healthcare Transformation Leader’s Award for her outstanding contributions to the country’s healthcare system. Dr. Sangita Reddy was honoured by the FICCI Ladies Organisation, Hyderabad chapter in 2007 for her work on the ‘Women Power & Entrepreneurship’ initiative. Dr. Sangita Reddy was honoured by the Government of Andhra Pradesh as the Top Woman Entrepreneur in the Information and Communication Technology Sector in 2005-06. The Hyderabad Management Association presented Dr. Sangita Reddy with the Young Manager of the Year Award in 1998.

Suneeta Reddy – Managing Director Apollo Hospital

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, Economics and Marketing that Suneeta Reddy obtained was conferred by Stella Maris College in Chennai. She is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Owner/President Management Programme and a Diploma in Financial Management from the Institute of Financial Management and Research in Chennai, India. An Honorary Doctorate was bestowed upon Suneeta Reddy in 2023 by the Xavier Institute of Management, XIM University Bhubaneswar. One of leading hospitals in India, Apollo hired Suneeta Reddy in 1989. While she was at the helm, Apollo Hospitals expanded its reach throughout the healthcare spectrum and became an industry leader in integrated healthcare.

Suneeta Reddy’s Achievements

  • Successfully navigating the company’s GDR and attracting the first foreign direct investment (FDI) into India’s healthcare sector.
  • The Economic Times Businesswoman of the Year award went to Suneeta Reddy in acknowledgment of Apollo Hospitals’ exceptional medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • She has held the positions of Honorary Member of Sai University’s Executive Council and Director on the Board of the Chennai International Centre (CIC). Among her many memberships are those in the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the International Chamber of Commerce, India, both of which she supports.

Shobana Kamineni – Executive Vice Chairperson Apollo Hospital

Under her leadership, the biggest integrated digital healthcare platform in India was launched, and she also developed three of the Apollo Group’s main verticals.

Shobana Kamineni’s Achievements

  • first woman to hold the position of president of the CII in more than a hundred years
  • ‘Billion Hearts Beating,’ an NGO that promotes heart disease prevention in India, was formed by her.
  • She has been honored with numerous distinguished accolades for her accomplishments, including the ‘Businesswomen of the Decade’ title from the Women Economic Forum.
  • Founded Apollo Munich Health Insurance and chaired it


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