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Chesspreneur Vinayak Wadile is Ready to Conquer the Chess World

Vinayak Wadile Founder and CEO of Chessvicky setting new goals for the industry. No dream is too hard to achieve… Read More

8 months ago

Sustainable Waste Management Social Enterprise Progresses to Finals in the SIF’s Young Social Entrepreneurs Program for a Chance to Receive Funding

Team Shoonya The idea of Shoonya first struck us when Kabir, Ishaan (my brother) and I were travelling and we… Read More

2 years ago

Indian startups explore forming an alliance and alternative app store to fight Google’s ‘monopoly’

Google,  which reaches more internet users than any other firm in India and commands 99% of the nation’s smartphone market, has… Read More

2 years ago

Plant based nutrition brand Olena to focus on women’s health products

Olena has grown 10x year on year since its inception Olena, a leading plant based nutrition company with clean, sugar… Read More

2 years ago

Growing 20x in just a year, Plix is driving the growth of health supplements market in India

Rishubh Satiya founded Plix,a clean, gluten free, non gmo,sugar free brand  with a sheer objective of catering to the fundamental… Read More

2 years ago

OckyPocky an EdTech Start-up gets funded by Mr. Ankit Kumar, Managing Partner of Alternative Global

India's first interactive English learning app for pre-school kids “OckyPocky” has recently received investment from Mr. Ankit Kumar through Lead… Read More

2 years ago

The Startup application “FYOOL” wishes to reduce the pinch of your Booze & Fuel Prices

FYOOL, the new cashback app saves money on fuel and liquor Leading the way in the country and brainchild of… Read More

2 years ago