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Indian startups explore forming an alliance and alternative app store to fight Google’s ‘monopoly’

Google,  which reaches more internet users than any other firm in India and commands 99% of the nation’s smartphone market, has… Read More

2 years ago

Google has announced that it will pay publishers for quality and news content

On Thursday it has been announced officially that Google will now onwards pay partnered media publishers in 3 countries. They… Read More

2 years ago

How Google 3D Animal Animation Feature will help you to engage kids during lockdown?

Google has announced 'a new feature of the 3D animal feature on the search. Google 3D animal feature is good… Read More

2 years ago

Google Stadia: All you have to know about the google’s promises about future gaming

The words 'Google Stadia' has been on nearly everybody's lips as far back as the tech monsters reported gaming industry… Read More

3 years ago

Google New Gift To Indian Railway : Wi-Fi In Trains

The online giant(Google) is currently extending the service around non-railway locations in Maharashtra, and up coming cities that are smart.… Read More

4 years ago

Google is creating possibilities for talents in India with its “Google job search feature”

Google Job Search Launched in India Google has launched "Google job search "new feature for making job hunting an easy… Read More

4 years ago