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Sheryl Sandberg – pursuing happiness and passion, technologically.

A multi-millionaire manager, Sheryl Sandberg has powerfully busted the myth of women not reaching up to top executive leadership positions in the technology sector. Known best for her role Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Facebook, she is ranked at 37th position in Most Powerful Women list by Forbes in 2016 and at 14th rank on America’s Self-Made Women list. The trailblazer Sandberg is working spear headedly to alter the way women are perceived at in the corporate world.

Sheryl Sandberg success story

Sheryl Sandberg’s journey in the realm of tech is awe-inspiring at multiple levels. An exception? brilliant mathematics student, Sheryl finished her undergraduate course from Harvard. Her first stint in the technology industry started with World Bank where she worked as a research assistant for Chief Economist Larry Summers. She returned to Harvard to study MBA and soon after the completion, she joined the U.S Treasury Department as Chief of Workers with Summers. Sheryl Sandberg continued her stretch till 2001 alongside Summers who turned Secretary of the Treasury. Her next stop was in California where she joined Google as the Vice President of global online sales and operations.  Here her profile incorporated advertising sales and other products, including Google books. While working in Google till 2008, Sheryl bagged the reputation of a leading executive in the tech industry. In 2008, she joined Facebook as Chief Operating Officer (COO). It was this stint that literally and figuratively metamorphosed the company’s business. Her advertising strategy in Facebook increased the company’s revenue from a $56 million annual loss to an approximately $3.7 million profit. Apart from scaling the revenue to a meteoric high, Sandberg is also responsible for expanding the company’s global presence, managing sales, marketing, business development, public policy, privacy, communications, and human relations. She had transformed the popular social networking platform into a money-making machine.


In 2012, Sheryl added another jewel in her crown by becoming the first female member in the board of directors. After the company’s initial IPO in 2012, Sheryl Sandberg received an equity stake in the company that made her a billionaire.

Sheryl Sandberg Book lean in

An active advocate for women to be more aggressive at the work front, Sheryl Sandberg articulated her feminist philosophy in her book, ‘Lean In: Women Work, and the Will to Lead’ in 2013. This book was released in concert with the community Lean In, that focuses on educating and community building for women.  She has spent most of her career arguing for a change in the society in terms of providing more opportunities and encouraging women to have the confidence to reach out for possibilities and share equal responsibilities at home and challenge them at the workplace.  As an outstanding and exemplary successful woman, Sheryl is continuously making effort to change the way women are perceived at the workplaces and how that needs to be changed.

Most Influential Quotes

“Endless data show that diverse teams make better decisions. We are building products that people with very diverse backgrounds use, and I think we all want our company makeup to reflect the makeup of the people who use our products. That’s not true of any industry really, and we have a long way to go.”

“The things that hold women back, hold them back from sitting at the boardroom table and they hold women back from speaking at the PTA meeting.”

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

“Done is better than perfect.”

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