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Anupriya Kapoor: A mother, entrepreneur, influencer and a traveller

With the emergence of various social media platforms, has given the spotlight to different individuals as they come out as an “Influencer“.In light of this matter the co-founder and CEO of Zefmo, Mr Irfan Khan has commented that today, almost everyone is supposedly an influential person on social media and it takes only 1000 followers to become just a micro sensation.

Mr Khan has also added that depending on the social media sensation and the forum they use determines the price of their content. Such developers can earn up to Rs.5 lakh to Rs.50 lakh. Considering the trend of swipes of the youngsters, it is safe to say that content developers of Instagram and YouTube become famous faster. Among such influential content developers, Ms Anupriya Kapoor, the Imbue natural founder has become quite the inspiration of many in the last few years. 

Who is this social media inspiration?

Ms Kapoor had no intension of becoming an Instagram influencer. Not only she is a sensation in social media platforms, but she is also a single mother, traveller and an entrepreneur. She started blogging in 2015, only to share her story of being a traveller and a runner. Her blog intends to tell the story of how being active helped her overcoming from “post-partum” depression. 

The journey of Anupriya Kapoor

This fitness blogger gradually started creating content on Instagram, and eventually, she became one of the most followed influencers. Later on, Addidas noticed her and signed her as a p[art of their fit family. Following the success of Addidas, Ms Kapoor has collaborated with various other organizations, such as L’Oreal, Google, HDFC, Samsung, etc. 

Imbue Natural founder

Other than her social media success Ms Kapoor (the Imbue natural founder) is also an entrepreneur and a single mother. She is the owner of a startup at Imbue. This startup is regarding manufacturing woman-hygiene products and spreading its awareness. 

The Imbue founder is seamlessly carrying out the various roles. Not only this Instagram influencer has approximately 57.4k followers on that specific platform, but this fit mom‘s blog, “Mom on the Run”, has known to be one of the influential blogs for people of different age groups. Further, other than her followers, various magazines like Womenera appreciates her story of motherhood and being a runner and an entrepreneur. 

Mom on the Run

Coming to the point from where she became the influencer that she is today, Ms Anupriya Kapoor not only inspires us with her will to fight against “post-partum” depression but also different techniques to brighten up our lifestyle. Further, this fit mom also shares various anecdotes for her readers so they can also be healthy from inside and out.

Apart from the above-stated anecdotes, this fitness blogger has emphasized travelling. Her blogs contain the stories of her journeys along with her.

An Inspiration To Society

Other than this fit mom‘s blogs and her becoming the Imbue founder, her stamina to handle everything simultaneously is appreciable. She is a social media sensation, a blogger, a traveller, an entrepreneur, but most importantly, she is the “Mom on the Run”. 

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