How to Apply Online for Color Voter ID Card ? Know the benifits

What is epic in voter ID?

In Bangalore, Commission of India has introduced new features to Voter ID with coloured and more genuine looking, Elector Photo Identity Cards, which are also called as EPIC.

Smart Voter ID Card

The recent updated look of EPIC will not only have the colourful picture of the voter, but will also have a lots of new features like barcode that is linked with relevant details of voter, which will bring a unique touch to EPIC.

What are the documents required for voter ID?

To get a voter ID card, you will need two types of documents. You can scan and upload.One of the document from the list below:

  • DOB Certificate.
  • 10th Class Marksheet
  • 8th Class Marksheet
  • 5th Class Marksheet
  • Indian passport
  • Pan Card
  • Driver’s license
  • Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI

If you are over 25 years old:

The Election Commission believes that people over the age of 25 usually enter their names in the voter list, so if you add names to the voter list for the first time and you are 25 or older, you have to submit a separate affidavit. It has written in it, that your name is not included in the voter list anywhere in India.

If there is none of these documents, one of the mothers or fathers who are already in the voter list can give their age details with their sign. This statement is in a fixed format, which can be obtained with the form

The address proof document (one of the list below) will also be required for the voter ID card.

  • Bank Pass Book
  • Ration card
  • Indian passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Order for assessment of income tax
  • Rent agreement if any
  • Real bill of Ration card / water / electricity / telephone / gas, which contains your home address. This bill should be in the name of the applicant or their parents.
  • Any postal mail / letter / mail sent by the Indian Postal Department to the resident on behalf of the applicant.

How To Apply For Smart Voter Id Card Online?

After collecting all the required documents, you should start the online application process.

Online Procedure to Get Your Voter ID Smart Card

You can apply for the smart voter id according to your state by opening the following websites .Click on the website and fill the form to apply smart voter id.

S.No.             State                     Website
1 Delhi (DL)
2 West Bengal (WB)
3 Uttar Pradesh (UP)
4 Tamil Nadu (TN)
5 Sikkim (SK)
6 Rajasthan (RJ)
7 Punjab (PB)
8 Odisha (OR)
9 Mizoram (MZ)
10 Manipur (MN)
11 Maharashtra (MH)
12 Madhya Pradesh (MP)
13 Kerala (KL)
14 Karnataka (KA)
15 Jammu and Kashmir (JK)
16 Himachal Pradesh (HP)
17 Haryana (HR)
18 Bihar (BR)
19 Gujarat (GJ)
20 Goa (GA)
21 Arunachal Pradesh (AP)
22 Assam (AS)
23 Telangana (TG)
24 Andhra Pradesh

For online application go to and upload your documents.

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