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Handwara Attack:Sacrifice Of Major Anuj Sood and Ashutosh Sharma

The handwara attack was one of the deadliest operations in the Valley for the security forces. In this attack,  among the Jammu-Kashmir police inspector, the Indian army major, two soldiers and a major were killed during the counter-terrorist operation.  The handwara attack was in Kashmir on a Saturday. 

The Indian army stated that in this attack two terrorists were killed in this 12-hour operation conducted in Kupwara district at Handwara.

What happened In Handwara Attack?

During the Handwara encounter the terrorists had taken the hostage of the civilians in handwara’s changimulla house. The five army personnel and the Jammu-Kashmir police officers managed to reach the area and rescue the civilians to protect of from the attack.

According to the statement, the security team came under that heavy fire and due to that, all were killed including two terrorist. In the handwara encounter, the terrorist Haider was killed and it was the great news for the Indian army as the Haider has influenced many of the youth to join the terror rank.

This Handwara attack seems like an opportunity to strike during the novel COVID-19 pandemic by many of the terrorist groups according to the discussion made in the United Nations. Moreover, recently the chief of United Nations said that the weaknesses and lack of preparation are exposed due to this pandemic is providing the window for a bioterrorist to increase its risk and could pose likely devastation around the globe. 

Major Anuj Sood Wife,Family and Background

Anuj Sood was among the five security personnel who were killed in the Handwara encounter. He has given the sacrifice for saving the life of others. Major Anuj Sood was born on 17th of December in 1989 in Bangalore. After the completion of school, he got admission in NDA that is National Defence Academy in the year 2012.

Among the major-ranked army personnel, Major Anuj Sood was the one to be martyred in the terrorist operation. Anuj Sood has received many accolades in the mission for his exemplary work in counter-terrorist operations. He served as the guard’s regiment in the Kashmir valley for the long duration.

What was the Anuj Sood’s family reaction on his death?

The family of Major Anuj Sood received the news of his death on the same day he was planning to return home after six months gap. His wife, Akriti quit her private company in Pune to spent time with her husband but she got the news to his death. She is proud of him and at the same time, she is extremely sad.

Major Anuj Sood handwara has sacrificed his life for others in this attack. His father is very proud of his supreme sacrifice as his life sacrifice has saved many lives. His father says that he feels sad for his wife as just after three to four months of marriage is had to move for the operation.

Anuj Sood’s sister named Harshita is serving as the captain in the army. Currently, she is pursuing the training at army Marksmanship Unit in Mhow. She is expert in shooting and is also a national-level shooter. His mother is a government school principal in Yamunanagar while his elder sister is living in Australia. 

Even the Major Anuj Sood Handwara friends and teachers reacted very proudly. His housemaster said that Anuj was active in all types of extracurricular activities. 

Ashutosh Sharma’s family on his death In Handwara Attack

Ashutosh Sharma was the one among the five security personnel who died in the handwara encounter.  He has been the part of several counter-terrorist operations in the Kashmir and that many of them were successful.

Ashutosh Sharma’s wife Pallavi said that she already caught the bad vibes during the Saturday night as she wasn’t able to contact him. Then she called the unit and got to know that he was stuck somewhere. She got that something is wrong because he was stuck for so long duration.

The next day, she and her daughter Tamanna who is 12 years old got the news of his death. Pallavi reacts that she is very proud of her husband and her daughter said that she will also join the army force and be like her father.

Hence, the above was the information about the Handwara attack. This is the biggest loss in recent years, as the country has lost two senior army officers.

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