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Concept Tips To Clean House and Kitchen During Coronavirus

When a person is out to buy groceries and vegetables from the outside, it is mandatory now to ensure that the cleanliness of the bag should be thoroughly maintained before entering the house. As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading, people are taking all types of preventive measures to keep themselves safe both indoors and outdoors. As soon as it comes to clean house tips for coronavirus outbreak, there are many types of solutions taken to keep the house free of germs and dust as much as possible. To keep someone’s abode free of COVID-19 virus, many health experts from across the world have shared useful information on this topic.

Cleaning Tips From the Experts For Safety From COVID-19

Certain small and basic steps can be taken to initiate the cleaning process of the house. For instance, starting with cleaning the kitchen surfaces right after the cooking is done, keeping separate footwear pairs for outdoors as well as indoors, always ensure to use to disinfect the places and such.

The Director as well as the Head Neurology of Fortis Memorial Research Institute located in New Delhi, Praveen Gupta advises every individual to follow a routine cleansing with soap or other disinfectants whichever is available in the house to fight against the coronavirus infection.

Apart from house cleaning and kitchen cleaning, there are several other objects which require focus. Such things include light switches, keyboards, taps, doorknobs, toilets, containers, closets, etc., which are often touched by hands should be regularly cleaned. One has to make sure that any objects, irrespective of how necessary they are, should be avoided to touch with bare hands as much as possible. Usage of gloves are mandatory and disposing of them when the cleaning is finished is to be looked after.

It is also one of the important clean house tips for coronavirus to leave the bag taken for groceries outside the house for at least 24 hours. It is recommended to wash the vegetables for 5 minutes minimum in hot water or potassium permanganate solution as the COVID-19 spreads through droplets.

Researchers have confirmed that the novel coronavirus can survive on surfaces like cardboard for upto 24 hours and 2-3 days on materials like plastics or stainless steel. Due to this, rigorous disinfecting and cleaning them is a must responsibility to do.

Cleaning comes first, then disinfection

  1. Before anything, the surface of any object should be cleaned with a clean cloth. This removes contamination, such as dust and debris.
  2. Clean the surfaces again with a hand towel dipped in soapy and lukewarm water or used a cleaning spray.
  3. Next comes the process of disinfecting. One has to apply a disinfectant which is surface appropriate. The quickest, as well as the easiest way to achieve this, is through disinfecting wipes or spray.


Everyone should follow these clean house tips for coronavirus. If these are properly done, house cleaning, as well as kitchen cleaning in this hard time of coronavirus outbreak, will ascertain safety and healthiness.

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