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Faizal Siddiqui’s account deleted from tiktok after the controversy on an acid attack video

Tiktok is facing hate from the Indian people. There is an enormous drop in tiktok rating from the last few days. Faizal Siddiqui brother of Amir Siddiqui is in trouble due to his controversial video promotion on the acid attack. Today tiktok banned his account due to complaints from the NCW.
Faisal Siddiqui tried to explain his video concept, but due to violation of community guidelines, tiktok banned his account.

Nowadays, tiktok is facing hate in India after the Youtube vs Tiktok war on the content. Carry Minati’s video deleted from the youtube due to hate speech after the report from multiple accounts. After this incident, people are removing their account from the tiktok.Rating of tiktok on play store is 2.0 now.
The spokesperson from tiktok said”
“Keeping people on TikTok safe is a top priority, and we make it clear in our Term of Service and Community Guidelines that clearly outlines what is not acceptable on our platform. As per the policy, we do not allow content that risks the safety of others, promotes physical harm or glorifies violence against women. The behaviour in question violates our guidelines, and we have taken down content, suspended the account, and are working with law enforcement agencies as appropriate.”

As we all are aware, NCW took action against the Faizal Siddiqui and requested tiktok and DGP Maharastra to delete the account.
Even acid attack survivor Laxmi Aggarwal appreciated NCW action on Faisal Siddiqui video. Team Nawab was in trouble after the youtube vs tiktok, and now this controversial video maybe ends of their influencing career. Laxmi Aggarwal state in his her instagram post

“Thanks to the National Commission for Women for taking cognizance of the viral video by TikTok’ influencer’ Faizal Siddiqui promoting acid attack. Such videos/actions should be strictly debarred, which are against the society.

We are working day and night to stop the acid attacks, violence against women. This cringe activity is not called influencing but promoting crime. Such persons are a curse to our society.
So it is vital to ban such videos and accounts from social media.
Come forward-we urge you to stop acid violence-Stop Sale Acid

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