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COVID-19 Impact On The Education of India.Are we ready to re-open the schools?

We all know and are familiar with the word COVID-19, as it has been a long time now. Due to the global hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole universe is in great loss with its economic, financial, and as well as educational status. Due to the great impact of corona, all the countries were put in lockdown and everything was in the stand and still condition.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Education

Due to the major impact of the corona, the Indian schools and colleges were closed since the second week of march across the country. Due to this, the future of the students of India is in a big loss. Schools during COVID-19 were closed and the students have got the vacation of about almost 4-5 months.

Although to bring up the economy of India, it was necessary to open the shops and all other companies, which is a good idea but also has a drawback of having an increase in the cases of Covid-19. Even after lockdown 5, numerous numbers of cases of corona is seen on Indian people and has increased twice than before. Indian people are seen on the roads of the nation going back to their work with full enthusiasm and energy after getting the rest of almost 3 months. 

Safety Aspects Of Students

What do the parents and government think? Is it safe to send their children to the school according to the latest condition of lockdown 5 in the country? As per the reports regarding the cases of COVID-19 pandemic, they say that the impact of corona on the age group of 1-9 is low as compared to the other age groups.

As per the reports, during the live interaction with the education committee held by HRD Minister, they have tried to take the suggestions from the parents and government regarding the re-opening of the schools. And after the discussion, they have asked to prepare the new safety guidelines regarding the re-opening of the schools and colleges and have started working on it so far.

CBSE, the higher part of education in India, is about to get ready for the rationalized curriculum to overcome the loss that is being caused in studies due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is being said that they are about to reduce the syllabus of the students by 30%, and are ready to reopen the schools within one month with certain strict care and precautions.  

Was it necessary to open lockdown In this current situation?

Since, now we cannot keep the education, future of students, and economy in the stand and still condition for a longer period as it has already been closed for almost 3 months. We have to start living with the coronavirus and have to face it by taking precautions and going back to work.  And so, the lockdown 5 has come with the re-opening with certain conditions to keep in mind. 

According to the latest updates, it has been lockdown 5 with certain limitations and guidelines, the parents and government are still discussing when to start the schools, as they have suffered a great loss in education in India. But still, the corona is on its way to take the more lives of the innocent Indian people. Now, on these premises, the schools during COVID-19 are still in shutdown conditions.

After the lockdown 5, the Indian education government came up with the different sets of concerns for the future of students, and have decided to re-open the schools in odd and even condition or based on half attendance.

As per the system of education in India, due to the impact of the coronavirus, the central board exams were postponed. As per the new updates, the board exams of class-12 will be conducted and for class-10, there is no as such news regarding the conduction of exams.

The further announcement was done by the government and system of education in India saying that the schools, colleges, and institutes can take place for the re-opening in July based on the situation of COVID-19 in the particular state.

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