CBSE Board Exam 2019 : New guidelines for students to follow

CBSE Board Examination 2019 would Start from February 15, 2019. Roughly 28 lakh candidates are expected to look at the CBSE 10t 12t Board Examination 2019 this past year. Ahead of this exam, CBSE has published significant instructions on to parents and schools, informing them regarding altered rules for the review. Assess the critical guidelines for CBSE Board Tests 2019 below.
Even though minimal, the changes are employed to check unfair ways. Aside from these modifications, the board has also assessed a 3-tier safety check to make sure no case of newspaper escapes. On moral grounds, the specifics of the security measures installed by CBSE aren’t being discussed in detail. However, information concerning the modifications in the principles with an immediate effect on pupils are supplied below.

New rules for Board Exam announced by CBSE for board exam 2019

School Uniform Mandatory

CBSE board has instructed schools to inform students that school dress is mandatory. Students may not be allowed to give the exam without uniform

Parent Signature on CBSE Board Admit Card 2019

This year CBSE created a new rule for admit cards. Parent signature is necessary on card along with principal and student signature. Student without the sign of parents not allowed to give exam.

There are some things those are not allowed

Things allowed during CBSE board

• Pens and basic stationary allowed in transparent pouch.
• Only school identity card allowed with CBSE admit card.(signed and stamped)
• Diabetic students allowed to put snack in clear bag.

Things Not Allowed during CBSE Board

• No written material, wallets, mobile phones
• No smart watches are allowed inside the examination hall.
All these news rules are defined for avoiding cheating in the exam halls. CBSE instruct schools to strongly follow all these guidelines. We also recommend to follow guidelines .

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