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Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch app reminds you to wash your damn hands, dummy

A couple of months before, an app’s concept would have appeared insignificant. We are all adults We have been washing our hands on our lives. But things change. It is mid-April ,and we are reluctant to go outdoors and participate with people — and is just one of hardly any tools we have within our arsenal.

Life, am I correct?

In accordance with Samsung, “a tiny group of programmers and designers out of Samsung Research Institute-Bangalore, or SRI-B’s UX and wearable teams, worked tirelessly within the previous two weeks to think of a solution that makes it possible to stay healthy and safe.”

They came out on the other side, a Galaxy Watch program designed to remind wearers to wash their hands with Hand Wash. There are periods. The program gives a buzz the five minutes.

The program tracks reveal and washings. Nowadays are anything but, although it is the type of items that would generally . It is available now.

Source : Tech Crunch

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