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Khan Chacha CEO Sidhant Kalra lists benefits of tech-based restaurant management systems

In a world of rapid technological advancements, several innovations are transforming various sectors in an unprecedented manner. Restaurants are no different. From robotics to AI and more, new-age tech solutions are adding more convenience to the day-to-day operations. Adding to the list, tech-based restaurant management systems is an innovation that has gained massive popularity in a short span.

We got a chance to discuss this new development and its applications with Sidhant Kalra, CEO of Khan Chacha restaurants in Delhi. According to him, there are several ways in which adopting tech-based restaurant management solutions enable businesses to improve operational efficiency and explore new business models, in turn improving the revenues.

Sidhant Kalra recently introduced a new restaurant management system for Khan Chacha restaurants across Delhi NCR, which according to him has made restaurant operations more convenient than ever. He lists the top benefits that new-age restaurant management solutions can have for your business. Scroll on to know what they are:

Easy integration of various systems

Restaurant management systems running on new age tech can easily share data and drive insights across multiple locations. They can also integrate multiple POS systems, allowing restaurants to know which of their offerings are faring better than the others among the customers, and which locations are turning a profit.

Data-backed insights

Another most prominent benefit of involving tech in restaurant management is the data-driven insights you can get without making much effort. By creating a single source for all data related to operations, these systems can provide restaurants with valuable insights into customer preferences, employee performances, inventory, revenues and more.

Improved inventory management

If you are running a restaurant with branches at multiple locations, it becomes difficult to stay on top of inventory every time. Managing inventory manually often leads to shortage and wastage, both of which are bad for business. According to Khan Chacha CEO Sidhant Kalra, tech-based restaurant management systems automatically notify you about low stock, expiration and other factors related to your ingredient inventory.

Improved data security

You might be under the impression that saving all your business data on your work PC or an internal server will keep it safe, but have considered what will happen in event of an accident or natural disaster? Modern restaurant management systems store their data on cloud, which makes it more secure than if it is saved on an internal server or personal computer systems.

Sidhant Kalra, is the active CEO of Khan Chacha chain of popular kebabs and rolls in the capital and working actively towards implementing tech-based solutions to manage the day-to-day operations effectively.

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