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Getting Million Views But Not Earning Much From Tiktok Know Why?

Tiktok is a new platform to showcase your talent to the world. Not only it showcases an individual’s talent, but also it is observed that how many tiktok users make money from this platform.     

How can one use TikTok for making fan following?

Tiktok is a platform where one uses lip-sync, comedy, dance, humour and other forms of acting to entertain people and showcase one’s talent. Tiktok in India observes around 277 million downloads and nearly 119 million active users. Among them, Riyaz Aly is known to be the famous TikTok star of India with 27 million followers and the fastest user of TikTok to reach 10 million in India. The TikTok stars get paid online for using the platform and showcasing their talent.

How many tiktok users make money?

There are ways to earn tiktok money by ensuring some simple points. Ways to earn revenue through TikTok are-

  • Promotion of your TikTok account through other online ventures

One can use another platform like youtube, Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp to promote your account and increase fan following. Choose the content or act very wisely and simple so that it attracts the audience to increase your followers and views in your videos. This helps to earn revenue and get paid online through TikTok.   

  • Through advertisements by promoting brands

Once your account gets the tag of the famous creator from TikTok in India and also the tag of a certified user, they get more and more brands to promote their brand. This a very strict marketing strategy to earn revenue and this is how many tiktok users make money through the platform.

  • Through

This is the live streaming part of the particular app. Through this, you can go live from your account and interact with your fans and chat with them. You can send any message which you want to convey to the huge mass through this platform. While interacting with your fans, ask them to send you coins to your account. After collecting all the coins convert them into money and earn tiktok money through this.  

This online platform TikTok allows every person regardless of the age group to show their talent and build their recognition. There is too some strict guideline that one needs to abide to prevent their videos rejected after reviewing and their account to get banned from TikTok.  

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