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9 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Virtual Event Platform

The Internet is full of virtual event platforms that make it difficult for organizers to pick the best virtual expo platform for their next event. But having a clear vision of what you need in your virtual event can be beneficial to finalize a perfect virtual event platform.

All you need is to keep some necessary pointers in your mind while searching for the right virtual event platform. Furthermore, below are the various things that you must consider to pick the best virtual event platform.

9 Must Remember Things to Select a Perfect Virtual Event Platform!

You may face difficulty searching and choosing a virtual event platform for your next event. But using the below pointers, you can achieve a victory in picking a perfect virtual expo platform and creating a perfect virtual event.

1. What Type of Features Can Be Helpful to Achieve Your Event Goals?

It is crucial to know what types of features can help you accomplish the event goals. Moreover, you have to start with planning for your virtual event. So, list all your requirements for the virtual event keeping your agenda and sessions in your mind. You can make your sessions and breakout rooms more interactive and engaging by adding the right features.

With the top virtual event platform, you can get various exciting features as listed below:

  • Browser-Based Solutions
  • Custom Environment
  • Dynamic Banners Functionality
  • DIY Booth Button Icons and Names
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Leaderboard
  • Networking Tables
  • AR Photobooth
  • Document Download
  • Seamless Networking
  • Standard Microsite
  • Easy Navigation
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Notifications
  • Gamification
  • Engagement In Audi Via Emoticons
  • Whatsapp And Zoom Meeting Integration
  • Access Control

In addition, look for a virtual expo platform that can provide you with 24/7 customer support for both the exhibitors and attendees. It will be helpful to avoid all the last-minute hassles.

2. How to Maintain As Few Barriers At Entry As Possible?

Attendees hate to download applications and software every time they attend any virtual event. That’s why you must choose a virtual expo platform that can offer a web-based solution for the users. All they will require is to click on the link and log in with credentials. No hassle of app or software download! Moreover, it is your responsibility to make login-in to your event fluent so that no participant runs away from your event without logging in.

3. What Can Be the Best Networking Functions Provided By Your Chosen Virtual Event Platform?

You can add multiple network tables for the attendees in your virtual event that includes 8 seats per table. It will empower the 1:1 and group discussion for the attendees. If you want to conduct paid events, special delegate meetings, etc., you can create a CXO lounge area provided by the top virtual event platform. Moreover, you can create unique areas with VIP access created for limited audiences. In addition, you can add a business card exchange feature that can be helpful for attendees to send requests for the business card to any event attendee in the virtual event. One can only get the business of another once that person approves the request. Also, you can connect and interact with other participants using AI matchmaking in order to search for users with similar interests as you.

4. Do They Provide an On-Demand Support Team for the Organizer & A Live Chat Support Feature for the Attendees?

It is necessary to get expert support for yourself being an exhibitor and the attendees. You should look for real-time & local time zone support that can guarantee a 100% solution for the technical issues faced during virtual events. Moreover, you can get a guide video with the best virtual event platform. It will help attendees understand the entire layout of the virtual event with a walkthrough. Also, your attendees can get complete event information and explore numerous aspects easily.

5. What Are the Personalized Branding And Customization Options Available?

You can create various booths for all the stakeholders or sponsors as per their requirements. Moreover, you can design the booths using a complete appearance, images, company logo, and other banners functionality.

6. Will You Get Real-Time and Post-Event Data Analytics for Your Event?

You can get a complete track of every individual user journey throughout the event with the footprinting feature provided by the top virtual expo platform. Moreover, you can get detailed reporting from the attendees’ log-in to the event end. It will help you know which session or booth engaged the attendees most or least and various other activities. Also, you can control a complete event and approve or deny users access to some particular sessions or breakout rooms.

7. What Opportunities Do It Provide for Individual Attendee Engagement?

Your chosen virtual event platform should provide 1:1 and group chat, audio, and video call support to the attendees. Participants must have the freedom to select an external integration device like WhatsApp, Zoom, or others. Also, attendees should get the opportunity to schedule a meeting with the exhibitor, speaker, or others even before the event.

8. Is the Price Tag Within Your Budget?

The most necessary thing is your budget. There is no guarantee that choosing an expensive virtual expo platform can get you a great audience reach or a successful event. So, you must pick a virtual event platform in your budget. Moreover, it should be affordable and advanced in features.

9. Can You Create Personalized User-Friendly Yet Aesthetically Pleasing Design for Your Event?

Every exhibitor wants to create an event on their own. So, you must look for a virtual event platform that can help you organize every aspect of your virtual. With the best virtual expo platform, you can design your event lobby with animated lights and background music. Also, you can plan the banners with proper images or gifs.

So, these are the various things that you must keep in mind while picking a virtual expo platform for your next virtual event. These pointers can make your virtual event a success by reaching and engaging a global audience with advanced elements and tools. Hence, it is necessary to select your virtual event platform wisely.

I Hope, you will find this article beneficial to seek and choose the best virtual event platform for your next event.

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