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The Most Important Amenities and Features to Consider When House Hunting

We all make some pretty big purchases in life but none of them is as emotional, meaningful, and financially steep as buying our very first house. 

But don’t get too excited because this whole buying process is quite complex and it takes a lot of time on putting down your precious cash savings, getting pre-approval from the bank, adhering to government regulations and finding the best real estate agent in town. Over the years, real estate agencies have encouraged many home buyers that their expertise is necessary to get a fair shake and arrive at a right decision. 

So, when the time comes that you sit with a real estate agent over a coffee, the first and most important thing you need to tell them is what you desire in a home. While some of us have a few ideas in mind, others are not completely aware of all the important amenity and feature options available. That’s one of the really great things about working with a real estate agent. They can give you a long list of choices by utilising technology in order to find the perfect home for you.

To make sure that you are getting a lucrative investment, pay close attention to these important amenities and features when buying a house: 

The most obvious one: Location!

Before you come up with the number of bedrooms and the desired age of the house, location hunting should always come first. You know you can always add special features in your house but you can never change a bad location. What makes a perfect location will always depend on your style and preference. You can choose between a city or a suburban, waterfront or raised elevation (hills), a dead-end street or a gated community but make sure to consider a few important factors in each option. These include the neighbourhood, proximity to your workplace, and access to shopping centres, schools, community parks, and public transportation.  

Floor Plan

Be practical when it comes to floor plan selection. Choose a size that is relevant to your lifestyle and needs. For example, do you really need five bedrooms when you live alone? While a large home can give you more spaces to make you a home office, a gallery, a media room, a guest quarters, or a panic room, remember that you’ll have to pay higher bills and taxes for larger properties.   

Home Exterior

How do you like your home exterior? Do you wish your facade was made of brick, glass, metal sliding, or wood? Would you like to have a yard with a patio, a garden, a pool, or an outdoor kitchen?  

Entire Frame

You will have to ask yourself a few more questions when it comes to choosing the most practical style for your home. After contemplating between preferences and practicality, would you like a bungalow or a colonial? A bungalow is a single-storey house, that sometimes appears with a second story.

Unlike the usual second floor, bungalow’s is built into a sloping roof with dormer windows. A colonial style, on the other hand, has 2-3 stories with a traditional floor plan where kitchen, living space, and bathroom are on the first level while bedrooms are on the second.     

Home Appliances: Age and Style

Some homeowners would often desire a home with smart and energy features. But, remember that home appliances are costly to replace so make sure to choose something that works with your preference in the long run. For example, choosing an electric range when you are more comfortable with a gas stove would be a terrible idea. Select appliances based on the age and style you desire. If in different circumstances, the prospective house contains appliances and mechanical systems that are dated, make sure you are aware of the replacement costs, especially if modern elements are important to you.   

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